Particulars from the paparazzi

” We tasted Madame Damnable Single Malt Whiskey at Meeting No. 38 on July 29, 2015. We rated it very highly at 3.50 out of 5. Madame Damnable Single Malt Whiskey ranks 5th overall in American Whiskey.”
” Ebb + Flow Gin is an excellent choice for when you want to serve a gin to those people who don’t normally drink gin. 4/5 Stars”
” They could obviously cut corners, focus on just a few products, and favor profit at the expense of innovative spirit making. However, given the array of somewhat niche products like their Old Tom Gin, Aquavit, and the line of Depth liqueurs, I get the vibe that Steven and Sound Spirits care more about making interesting, high quality offerings rather than just another “me too” lineup.”
“Sound Spirits aquavit is the first one produced in the state, and distiller Steven Stone doesn’t waver far from the spirit’s time-honored profile of caraway and dill, but adds his own spin with tinges of coriander, fennel and green anise that come out bold on the nose and soft on the tongue.”
“If I could tell you to buy just one Old Tom Gin, this would be it [Rating:4.5/5].”